FingerPDF Million of pages at your fingertips

Take control of your PDFs - sophisticated search, one click tagging, annotations - all in one easy-to-use application.

Turn your collection of pdfs into a usable and searchable PDF Library

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Capture quality information in your personal digital library

Start collecting quality information from Books, Magazines, Articles, Web Pages and from any Mac application.

Create notes, create value

Add tags, ISBN information and your own notes to any pdf so you can look up what you want, when you want.

Go from search to tag with one click.

Every time you search your pdfs, you can tag your results and then use those tags to filter just what you want.

Scale your control of your pdfs

The more pdfs you have, the better the tools you need to search, tag and annote them. FingerPDF gives you the support you need turn your pdfs into a searchable, tagable body of information.

Search in seconds what you already have

Have you every gotten frustrated searching through your pdfs with Apple Spotlight? Try our innovative page search

Highlight in your pdfs what's important to you

You can highlight content import to you in any pdf and export those hightlights to use as you want..

Your pdfs, your data

FingerPDF writes your data into your pdfs. You are not locked in to app's database and you don't need to backup your notes and settings.

Dont' interrupt your work - assist it

With FingerPDF you can keep your focus on what you your doing, find what you need in your pdfs an get back to work.

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