FingerPDF PDF Organizer Software

Introducing FingerPDF to organize and browse your PDF Files as a library of knowledge. Search across thousands of pages in seconds. Annotate and share your notes. Take care of your library's metadata. Collect PDF from any application and the Web for a paperless life.

Collect high quality digital information from several sources

Today valuable information is spread through Books, Papers, Magazines, Web Pages and Documents. Collect them centrally to form a personal digital library of knowledge. Use the Web Bookmarklet to import high quality web articles as PDF. Import as PDF document from any Mac application.

Tagging and automatic organization of your folders

You decide where to put your library on filesystem and than FingerPDF automatically synchronize with it, adding and removing PDF files automatically. If you do not want to copy your files in a central location, you can observe watched folders (for example your disks or network shares). You can use tagging for further classification of your files.

Search immediately across your pages

If you are frustrated by Apple's Spotlight Search for information, enjoy new FingerPDF searching behaviour. Enter your keyword and immediately you can skim across pages sorted by ranking. Use your fingers to quickly jump through pages of different files, folders and tags.

Enjoy a streamlined user interface

The uncluttered user interface is super easy-to-learn and use, especially compared to other organizer software out there. You can quickly filter your files, change view appearance and level of details.

Edit or download PDF metadata

FingerPDF tries to detect ISBN (for books) and DOI (for research papers) for grabbing automatically metadata from Internet sources. If it fails you can easily edit them from user interface.

Don't worry about library backup

When you have carefully edited your metadata you are afraid from library corruption and from vendor lock-in. FingerPDF saves its data inside PDF (embedding its internal data into available fields from PDF specification). If you change computer, corrupt your FingerPDF library, all you need to do is to start a fresh reimport of your PDF files.

Read, annotate, review and share

You can enjoy reading directly from FingerPDF using a vertical or horizontal preview section or using full screen. Highlight, underline or add text notes during your reading. With the right sidebar you can review your notes jumping easily through them. You can eventually export notes in PDF or plain text for easier sharing of information.

Help you staying focused

The goal of zenware is to disappear, supporting you when you need it but staying out of your way as much as possible. You should forget the software is there at all. FingerPDF can be configured as a silent menubar application. While you are in another application, with a shortcut you can quickly search across your pages as you would do with Spotlight.

Assist in your writing

With a shortcut you can open reference manager from any writing application allowing you to quickly review your notes or to copy your citations in your manuscript.

Perfect companion for your Dropbox account

Keep all your PDF files safe on a Dropbox share. Synchronize FingerPDF to it and start organizing your books. Read on mobile with your preferred app or device. When you are back to your Mac you can review your notes or automatically find any new added file.

Made especially for you!

Built for researchers, programmers, designers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, bloggers, sales, accounts, architects,....any of you who cares only high quality information sources and that want to use collected information productively.

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  • Intel based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)